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Come here and let me love you.

"Legolas…  I have missed you, meleth nin."

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Fleeting Feathers- Closed


Hearing his nephew speak of the honestly he was with holding caused the elf to raise a brow high in suspicion. Never had Elladan been dishonest with him, well, in his youth he was but that was for small items such as missing cookies or other trinkets like Finrod’s jewelry. This, This was a secret that in his aged years he was keeping. Why was it hidden?

"Not a mortal man you say but an immortal? That is good news, my child. For I would not wish for you to leave me so soon as my brother once did long ago." Finrod spoke honestly as he puffed away on his pipe in thought. If it was an immortal yet not an elf, what could it be? This land Elladan spoke of was foreign to the golden king and more so it’s creatures. If there was one race of beings that where immortal, where there others?

Munching away upon her carrots, the rabbit flicked her ears listening to the two elves talk back and forth. What ever was going on between them had her master on edge.

Nodding his head in once he heard the immortals name the king pulled his pipe away, testing the name upon his own lips a few times, “Louis de Pointe du Lac,” He murmured to himself, taking in the name. “New Orleans? Is that the name of the place you have been going to all of this time? Perhaps when you next go get your uncle a dear gift of a map. If I am to go there one day in exploration I shall need one. ” Listening further to the young elf speak, Finrod could not help but smile hearing all of the traits listened off by the elf. In fact, this Louis de Pointe du Lac sounded like one Finrod himself would choose as a bonded partner!

"He sounds divine, penneth." The Eldar off offhandedly  commented but Elladan’s next and final words caught the elf off guard. Vampire. Dropping his pipe instantly, his mouth opened wide in fear, Finrod sat looking at his nephew as if he was with fever heavily. "E-Elladan!" He cried out, causing the rabbit to suddenly run away from the energy that flowed through her master. Finrod knew of the horrors of Thuringwethil, being one of Sauron’s minions. This mate of his nephews was indeed a creature of the monster that took his very life. How could this have happened?! “Nay! That can not be! You can not be with him, you know of their destruction and evil!”

After his rebirth not much could strike fear into the heart and soul of Finrod yet to hear his nephew, one so close to him , now was to be bonded with a vampire scared him. If he was to face Sauron again for the young elf’s safety, the golden elf would do it without even thinking upon it. Yet, this, this idea of sweet Elladan with a creature such as a vampire sent mixed feelings down his spine.

"Please uncle!" Elladan cried softly, seeing in his uncle the fear and displeasure.  Yet this had been why it was to Finrod he had come.  If he could not get his uncle to see the truth of Louis, then none of his kin or people would.  "You must listen!  He is nothing like the horrors Sauron called forth.  He is nothing like Thuringwethil.  Think you I would be so daft as to give my heart to a monster such as that?”

He shook his head, long fingers worrying at the fabric of his robes, his eyes on them instead of Finrod.  “Louis is good and kind.  He is perhaps more human than many humans I have come to know.  That he is a vampire…  He views it as an affliction.  A sickness he must live with rather than act as the demon you have in your mind.”

He drew a breath and brought his eyes back up to Finrod, pleading with his golden haired kinsman.  “You must trust me when I say I feel nothing evil about him.  I see no true cruelty of malice in his eyes when we speak.  He is simply a man with a past I cannot imagine that led him to accept the ‘gift’ of immortality from another.  But it does not make him evil.  Not as we know evil.  He is a kind soul with a gentle heart.  And uncle…”

He closed his eyes briefly and drew a breath, “He is mine.  He is meant for me.  Perhaps it was his mortal soul’s desire to join my immortal one that led him unknowingly to trade mortal cares for vampire woes, but I am glad to find the one who makes my heart sing such a song as it has sung since first I laid eyes on him.  I do not hate the wolf for killing the lamb to survive.  I cannot hate him for a thing he already hates in himself.”

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I want to thank all my lovely followers for well… following me. So here is my lame little giveaway of art for you.. The giveaway ends July 9th at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time.


  • You must be following me.
  • Only one reblog and one like will be counted in the drawing. But feel free to reblog as many times as you wish.
  • Do not follow for the giveaway and unfollow, it is rude.
  • You may reblog this on any of your side blogs/other blogs so long as I know it is a blog of yours.


One first place winner will get to select two characters of their choosing for a couple/ or two individual full body portraits in any clothing or lack there of in the style of the one below.


Two second place winners will get a portrait of one character of their choosing, in the same style as the one below.


Three third place winners will get a portrait of one character of their choosing in the same style as the one below.


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Louis was rarely impatient when it came to hair and makeup, usually preferring to occupy himself with a book while Cherese and the others fretted about over him. Tonight though, it was not the case. He was a bundle of nerves, drumming and squirming in the beautician’s chair as he waited to go on. 

"Louis, what the hell is your problem?" Cherese asked finally, looking at him with an annoyed cross of her brows. Louis shirked down into the chair like he’d been caught, swallowing hard. 

"Nothing. I—um, I’m just nervous." The young black woman shook her head, giving him a strange look. 

"Nervous?" She smirked, amber eyes lighting up as she moved closer to him, braiding his hair back. "Wouldn’t have to do with the prince of elftown sitting alone in the front row, would it?" The color drained from Louis’ face and he looked perturbed.

"What? How did you—" Cherese laughed, finishing his hair. "Boy, you would not believe how long everyone was trying to figure out who he came with. I have been asking everyone. Usually your seats are empty up there, I never though you of all people…” She laughed at his scowl. 


"So what?" The vampire retorted. 

"So where’d you meet him? Surely you didn’t get invited to state dinner at Elftown."

"Why does everybody say that?" Louis retorted, opening his mouth again to answer. Just then, the stage director threw open the door, calling his name. He sighed, getting to his feet and brushing the stray hairs from his black velvet jacket. 

"I’ll tell you all about it later." The woman shook her head. "You’d better! Don’t think I won’t forget!" He gave her a smile and a wink as he headed out the door with several other young men. Standing in the wings, he shook out his hands nervously, bounding a little on his feet. 

He had never been this nervous. Something about having El there made his stomach flip, and more than anything, he wanted to perform well. He wanted the eldar to see he was more than just a vampire with a book habit, that there was something he was good at doing. 

The lights came up and the line of models before him slowly dwindled. Suddenly, it was his turn. Taking a deep breath, he took one step under the lights and fell into his element. He strode with great confidence, green eyes distant as he captured the look so many others in his field tried endlessly to obtain. It was the appearance of effortlessness. As he made his way down the stage, he could not help his straying eye’s search for El’s face amidst the rows of minor celebrities that lined the chairs closest to the runway. He had begun to wonder if he was nervous and left, until there, at the end of the runway, he saw him. 

Unlike the mortals in the room, the elf emitted almost his own light, as if a spotlight endlessly trailed his fiance’s wake, illuminating his beauty. And he saw quickly he was not the only one to notice.  Several people around the elf had no eyes for the vampire on stage, but rather continued to make muted attempts at spying a glimpse of the prince. This amused Lou to no end, and he could not help the smallest smile that came to him during his turn at the end of the catwalk. He caught El’s eye for just a moment, and in that moment saw the wealth of emotion behind his open silver eyes. 

Never before had Lou been subject to one as open and loving as his betrothed, and under such an intense look, Louis had to keep himself from blushing as he walked back. 

Soon, he was back in the safety of the dark wings of the stage, pulling out hair pins and tossing them in a jar on one of the hairdresser’s desks. Changing quickly back into his street clothes, he quickly made his way out of the backstage and down around the front of the building as the show ended. He didn’t bother to remove his makeup. As everyone began to leave their seats, Louis found his love, a wide sly smile on his face as he walked up and took his hand. He kissed it, earning more than a few looks.

"How was it? Bored to tears yet?"

Elladan had blushed all the way to the tips of his pointed ears at the look he and Louis had share for but a brief moment in time.  For that split second it was only himself admiring the gorgeous vampire on stage, and the the look of brief, unveiled love and desire he caught in Louis’ eyes.  He was proud of his mate to be.  Proud of the men and women who admired him just then.  And doubly proud that this was his fiance.

As the show ended and the lights came up, Elladan found himself in a frightening sea of humanity.  They did not push or even really touch him, yet the swarming press was unnerving to the skittish elf.  He found he did not like the swell and rush of warmth as everyone began to make their way from the room.  He could feel his heart in his chest, hear it in his ears above the din of speaking people.  For a moment he felt oddly faint, a panic he had not expected setting in.

And then a hand, cooler than his own, caught his in a firm but gentle hold.  And as he turned his eyes it was to see Louis pressing his lips to the back of Elladan’s hand.  He smiled, fingers curling around Louis’, “It was unlike anything I have seen before.  You looked good.”  He blushed a little, eyes lowering in a moment of odd shyness, “You looked very good up there.  I was so proud.  People really seem to like what you do and how you look.”

Having Louis’ hand in his own was a great comfort, and in spite of any looks that might have passed their way, the elf refused to release his hold on the vampire model.  With Louis at his side, he no longer noticed the closing in of others, and all to soon they were outside in the humid air.  He walked along next to Louis, his hand still curled around the cool flesh of his fiance, and smiled a little.  ”People were very friendly tonight.  Some only stared at me from time to time.  Others made to speak to me, asking the odd question here and there.”

He sighed softly, stopping at the bike and pulling Louis closer to him.  Hooking his fingers in the belt loops of his beloved’s pants, he leaned against the bike and met Louis’ eyes.  ”I fear I might have come off as a bit of a snob, but I did not know what to say.  Yes, I am an elf.  No, it is not called elftown, it is Imladris or Rivendell.  Yes, I am here with someone.”  He laughed and leaned forward to steal a brief affectionate kiss.  ”Mostly I just sat there quiet and waited for you.”  He brushed a stray hair from Louis’ face, eyes bright with unhidden emotion for the vampire.  ”You looked like a star tonight, lirimaer nin.  I can see why people would pay you to model their clothing.  Everyone seeing you, they would desire to be you.  To look as you look.  But none of your fellow models have quite the same look to them.  You stand alone in my opinion.”

He moved then to climb onto the bike and patted the seat in front of him, “Come meleth nin.  The night is young yet, and your elf desires to enjoy it with you.”  He smiled warmly then and nodded to the seat, “Lets see this after party you spoke of.  I am sure there is at least one or two people you care for that you might desire for me to meet, yes?”

Fleeting Feathers- Closed


Letting his hand run over the animals fur, Finrod lifted his other hand to pull his pipe away from his mouth as he turned his head to the side, blowing the smoke away from his nephew. Turning back to stare at the dark headed ellon, he could only think of the conversation that was to be between them. Judging on how serious Elladan looked in that moment before he spoke, it was going to be just that. A serious council.

Hearing that this was about Elrond’s decisions on the valley, The king knew this would be no easy conversation. “You’re right to be confused and anxious if this is the conversation you’re leading me too, my child. ” Finrod spoke as he kept his eyes closed thinking. It was a different time now in this day in age. When his kingdom was still standing it’s safety was also a concern. Elrond was wise in his choices in keeping his people safe.

"Your father only does what is needed to keep his people safe, as well his family. When my own kingdom stood long ago it was always my first priority for my peoples well being. If he wishes to keep it hidden it is his right. These are not the same types of humans I found long ago, your father has already asked my council on this matter." Pulling the pipe away from his mouth again the golden elf set it on the floor near him. Lifting his arms he picked up Ambalotse to sit up, moving cross legged in the pillows, setting his rabbit in the hole between his legs as his elbows rested forward on his knees.

A chuckle left his lips hearing Elladan had left the valley. Always was the young prince doing what he wished, in a way it made the Eldar think what took him so long to do it. “So, You left against your father’s wishes. I can not say I am surprised, ” Chuckling he shook his head as his ringed hand reached down to pick up his pipe once again, teeth biting at the end. “What we discus here this eve will stay between us. ” Finrod finished as he sat listening to his nephews stories.

Looking up to watch the young elf’s reaction, he was thoroughly surprised to see Elladan’s face light up. What was this conversation leading into? Hearing that in fact, the reason behind the smile was because of the elf running into a mortal, Finrod could not help but grimace at the thought. It was hard loosing his brother to a human maiden. The though of loosing Elladan too sent a wave of regret into the male’s blood. “You say you have met some one, Though it sounds like you have meet your soul mate, Elladan.”

Fighting the frown trying to form on his face it was all he could do but try to be positive. What was he to say? Already had his nephew gone out into a strange world, exploring only to find his bonded mate. This was to be difficult.

"Your father will listen, he is not cruel. Yet the council you seek will be a hard idea for him to grasp. Here, as I sit listening to you, my heart weeps that you have fallen for a mortal. Long ago I lost my brother to a mortal woman. This brings up old wounds. the heart of an elf will not be detoured from its other half, all of our kin know this, we can not help who we fall in love with. To separate you from them would only cause you grief."

Flicking her ears, Ambalotse looked up at both elves before hopping out of her masters lap to hop over to the silver tray that was laid out on the floor. Nuzzling the food around she found a carrot only to feel her masters hand rubbing behind her ears.

"What guidance do you seek from me, Elladan? " Finrod asked as his fingers calmly caress his rabbit’s fur. Turning his head as he blew the smoke in the opposite direction, the king sat thinking. " It is my opinion that if it is the one you call your soul mate, they’re not wrong for you. Elrond will be furious for some time yet his heart will heal and he will seek your presence. Even I myself am curious of who has caught the soft heart of my beloved nephew. " Clicking his teeth along the metal end looking up to look over the young ones features, it was true that this would be a hard road ahead. "If it soothes your mind, I will go with you to his outside world, to meet this one you call your mate. Elrond’s opinion should waiver if I myself am to meet this person."

Elladan paused in his telling of the story, his eyes distant and somewhat thoughtful.  Finrod believed that Elladan spoke of a mortal, a human.  Well of course he did.  Who among the elves had heard of a vampire walking among man in too many ages to count?  And further, the elven idea of a vampire was far more horrific in the viewing than the kind hearted and beautiful man he had met.  The thought of Louis once more brought a smile to Elladan’s face.

Lifting his eyes to meet with the kind and understanding gaze of his uncle he lightly shook his head.  It would be best to be honest with Finrod from the start so that his mother’s kin could help him to make Elrond see how happy the young lord could be with the vampire.  ”I fear I have not yet been completely forthcoming in my words.  You see, it was not a mortal man that I met when I went out among the people of this land.”  He shook his head, “He is immortal, like an elf, but not an elf either.”

He folded his hands in his lap and looked down at them.  The long delicate bones, folding together on top of longer still legs.  He was, as his mother had told him many times growing up, the very best of all his bloodlines.  Tall and lean and well muscled with hair as dark as shadows in the night and silver eyes as bright as any star in the sky.  Celebrian had told him on many an occasion that the one who he would give his love to would be the most fortunate elleth who had ever walked any part of the earth.

He sighed at the thought of his mother, knowing that was one of the reasons he sought out Finrod as often as he did.  His uncle reminded him of his naneth, and treated him with the same kind understanding.  It had been Finrod who eased his tears many nights after he had to watch his naneth leave Imladris forever.  And of all the elves he knew and counted as his friends and loved ones, it was Finrod who knew the young elf lord was, at times, too passionate and too sensitive for his own good.  So now it would be Finrod who would be the first to know about Louis.

Lifting his eyes from his hands he met his uncle’s kind gaze and smiled, “His name is Louis de Pointe du Lac.  He is from the city New Orleans, which is south of where Imladris had ended up in these new lands.  He is not so tall as an elf, and slight of frame.  Thinner than myself actually.  His hair is long and soft and dark, and he seems to keep it pulled back most often.”  He smiled as he spoke of Louis’ beauty, a warmth in his heart already at the simple idea of the other male.  ”And his eyes.  His eyes are green, but they have this gleam to them not unlike that which men speak of seeing when they look into our eyes.  Ahh my lord, you should see those eyes when they look at me.  I think he is as taken by me as I am him.”

And then he had come to it.  The truth.  The moment he dreaded, for what would his dear uncle Finrod say?  Lowering his eyes and his voice, and ready to defend his choice of Louis against anyone, he spoke the quiet words, “And he is a vampire.”

On a Mission- Closed


As Kili chewed on his food, he decided to ask more about being half human, half elf later. That was definitely an interesting subject. But Elladan’s question made him grin a little as he accepted back his pipe. Taking a brief draw on it, he thought about his answer. “Well… it certainly does change how people treat me. I mean, everyone was nice enough back in Ered Luin… but now that it’s been made official and all… it’s all ‘My Lord’ this and ‘Your Grace’ that.”

He made a face and passed the pipe back to the elf, shrugging a bit. “I do like having a true home now, however. Having my own room, not camping outside.” He gestured up to the sky. “The stars are nice, but a real bed is still preferable.”

Elladan chuckled at that and found himself shaking his head a little.  ”It is odd, but find the opposite to be true of myself.”  He smiled a little as he sat the pipe aside and looked at the dwarf prince.  ”Having been born to Imladris as heir to her lord, I have only ever known my lord this and that.”  He glanced up into the night sky and hummed a little as he looked over the sprinkling of stars across the deep blue background of the night.  ”For me, I enjoy the nights spent under the sky with only my sleeping bedroll and brother for company.”

He shot Kili an amused look as he laughed a little at himself.  ”When I was younger I found this cave some distance from Rivendell, and hidden behind one of the wilder waterfalls.  If ever I found life among the court to be too constricting or too formal, I would gather a few of my things and sneak away from home.”  He leaned back once more, eyes back on the stars.  ”It became my sanctuary.  A kind of home away from home.  I still slip away to enjoy a night or two of just myself and the calming sound of the waters falling around me.”

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Louis smiled as he squeezed the elf’s hand. “Oui, cher. I was thinking about taking the bike. It pleases me that you enjoy it.” He saw the happiness in El’s face and could not help but feel a lightness in his own step. The vampire did not often bring joy to other’s lives, and found himself somewhat ashamed of how much he craved the elf prince’s small approvals. 

He led him to the bike, stopping and turning as El’s little possessive streak was momentarily uncovered. He met his eyes, a strange look passing over his face. 

"You are not my boyfriend." He stated directly. "You are my fiance, Elladan. My betrothed, and the one man among centuries of men I would give my soul for all eternity. Do not take for granted how much you mean to me, please." 

The vampire’s face then softened, its mercurial youth apparent as he reached out and touched his cheek, giving him a quiet smile. “I would not have you worry, however.” he crooned. “Tonight there will be no doubt that my heart belongs to you alone, starlight.”

He took his hand then and led him to the bike. THrowing his leg over, he gestured with a flick of his hair for the elf to join him. When he had found his way onto the back of the bike, Louis placed a hand over his elf’s, keeping him close, and brought the bike to life. 

With a roar, they were soon under way, headed to downtown to the site of the night’s show. Louis would go on with the last designer. There wasn’t a hurry. When they arrived, Louis parked the bike and turned to look at his lover. 

"There’s a seat in the front I saved for you," he smiled, leaning back to kiss his cheek. "I’ll be on close to the end. Just enjoy the show, and don’t be nervous." He took his hand and kissed the back of it, before helping him from the bike.

"I’ll be looking for you." He kissed him then, and left to walk into the back door entrance beyond.

Elladan smiled at Louis sheepishly as the vampire kissed his cheek and then his hand.  He knew his love wanted him to relax and enjoy the night, and he was determined to do just that.  Wishing the beautiful vampire good luck he took the pass Louis had given him and headed for the entrance of the building, looking this way and that at all of the beautiful mortals in their dressiest clothing.  He was oddly glad for his understated modern clothing and how it allowed him to blend in more than his proper elven robes would have.

Noticing people hear and there looking at him  in more than passing curiosity, he reached up with both hands.  First he double checked the scarf to assure that his love’s bite was not out for all to see, he followed by running his hands through his hair and hiding the pointed ears.  Having never really been out among such a crowd, he had no idea if simply hiding his ears would make him look more human or not.  It did not seem to deter some of the looks people were giving him.

He smiled to a lovely young woman who was helping to seat people and showed her his pass.  He walked through the aisles and down toward the runway and the stage, his eyes bright with eager excitement.  Thanking the young woman, he settled into his assigned seat and looked up at the stage.  He could not imagine what was to come, but the idea of everyone in the room admiring Louis, and then that beautiful man coming to claim him, filled him with a warm kind of pride.

After time, the lights went down and the music went up.  Spotlights began to shine here and there and other beautiful mortals, both males and females, began to walk out onto the stage as an announcer spoke words that, for all they were English, were alien to the elf.  He openly admired and took in what many of the males were wearing as he wanted to learn how best to dress in this place and time.  He understood enough to know that what he was seeing and hearing was the up and coming styles the mortal population was to be wearing this season.

Enthralled the elf watched and waited, looking forward to seeing Louis walking proud and beautiful under the lights.  For a brief moment Elladan worried for his vampire, wondering how his pale fiance was going to be able to move under such harsh lighting without looking like the white skinned vampire that he was.  Yet, as Louis finally appeared, Elladan lost all thoughts and simply sat there watching.  A tiny smile appeared on his lips, his eyes bright and intense, as his heart filled with love for the pale beauty on the stage.  

This, he thought with a tender smile, this being is the one I have been searching for.  There is no doubt about it.  He is everything I could have wished for but never dared dream to find.


Louis looked away, his eyes dropping away from his lover. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to belabor something we’ve already discussed. It is just…something I am unaccustomed to, having someone in my life that knows who and what I am, and yet, does not also share my affliction.” He smiled bitterly. 

"I’ve been trained, I suppose, to expect people to fear such things as those two small holes in your neck, to be repulsed by it. And being truthful,  I suppose in some small ways, I too am repulsed by what I am." He sighed. "Having someone very close to me that doesn’t care, that finds that part of me appealing," he licked his lips, "it’s something I haven’t had in a really long time."

He looked up as if startled when Elladan took him into his arms and kissed him. His lyrical accent was soothing, and Louis felt suddenly very small as he peered into his silver eyes. Some was something so very alien about him, beautiful and so deeply felt, that endlessly had Louis distracted. He wondered if it would ever wear off.

"That you would protect me even as I…" his voice trailed off and he  scoffed, color rising to his face. "I am a fool, I apologize.I shouldn’t have questioned it. " He shook his head, looking up at El with a smile. "You are your own man; I trust you to do what my secrecy requires." His fingers brought the scarf back up over the wound, smoothing it with his long fingers.

"Keep it, mon Elladan; and your scarf. I too like how it looks on you; most dashing." He took his hand, pulling him close. "And if it comes to pass before the end of this evening, that you still want me to bite you," he kissed his cheek demurely as he whispered to him. "I will. Just not on your neck." 

The vampire squeezed his hand and made his way to the door, picking up his keys and wallet one the way out of the room. 

"Come, mon petit. Your vampire wants to show you off."

There was something about the whispered promise of Louis’ teeth sinking into his flesh once again that sent a shiver down Elladan’s back.  For a moment he almost wanted to explain to the vampire exactly how it had felt to have those tiny fangs in his neck, the swoon that was so very pleasurable it was the closest El felt he had ever come to rapture.  Yet the words stuck in his throat.  Perhaps the vampire already knew what pleasure his bite could and did bring.  El already knew that his fiance had had other lovers, it was not without reason that they had felt his bite as well.

Blushing at the rush of thoughts in his mind, the elf hurried to join his vampire at the door.  Silver eyes looked over Louis intense and curious as he smiled warmly, “Are we to take your bike then?  You know how much I love to ride with you.”  He could not help the brief wash of joy.  He had been frightened of the bike at first, but after only a few rides he was sold.  It was the closest thing in this world to riding a horse, and the elf already had a fondness for it.

Looking around the courtyard of Louis home, his home now, he was forced to smile at the strange beauty of it all once again.  Everything here in this world smelled so interesting to the elf.  It was different than the air he had known all his life, dirtier perhaps but so alive with people living their lives.

He turned his eyes back to Louis standing there in the moonlight and smiled at him.  He was nervous and excited to be finally going out officially in public with his fiance.  Going out to meet and be introduced to people who all knew Louis, and would be curious about who had snatched him up.  Elladan could feel the nervousness increasing within him.

"I am ready, lirimaer nin." he said quietly, and for a moment he slipped his hand into Louis and offered a quiet smile.  "I am ready to meet the world as your elven boyfriend, and allow you to show me off even as I make my presence and claim on your heart known to all."

He smirked and then shook his head laughing, “Listen to me.  I am such an oddity in this world.  Forgive me.”  He met Louis’ eyes again, that happy smile making his own eyes gleam.  ”I am only very excited…  And nervous…  Makes me say the oddest things.”